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birth doula

Encouraging, empowering support.

Although birth is a natural experience that connects us as human beings, it is also one of the most profound experiences of our lives. As a birth doula, my commitment is to provide personalized, dedicated support, and enable you to navigate this transformative time while making choices that feel safe and empowering to you.

I believe in the physiological normalcy of birth, the natural intuition of our bodies, and the importance of evidence-based modern medicine.

It would be a privilege to accompany you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

My services are based in the Twin Cities and the surrounding metro area. Reach out to learn more about availability and initial consultations!

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What does a birth doula do?

Birth doulas utilize their training, knowledge, and experience to provide:

  • Physical support and comfort measures, such as soothing touch, breathing techniques, and counterpressure.
  • Emotional support to hold space, encourage, and help birthing people find their own voices.
  • Partner support, as birth partners experience the momentous occasion for themselves, too!
  • Evidence-based information and advocacy, to connect families with resources and empower them to make informed decisions about their birth.

Benefits of having a doula:

  • Doulas “fill the gaps” in the care team and remain present when care providers or partners step out of the room.
  • Hiring a doula can reduce stress, improve health literacy, provide connections to community resources, and enhance overall emotional well-being [1].
  • Doulas are statistically proven to lower your risk of a C-section. In one study, birthing people with companions such as a doula who were neither medical staff nor in their social network were 25% less likely to have a C-section than those without a doula [2].
“It ended up being a lovely experience just the sort of peaceful, joyful occasion I wanted. I felt so supported throughout, from those first late-night texts, to the stair-stepping chats, to the warm water and cool washcloths, to baby’s first splash into the world.”
“Hannah is a positive, kind, and approachable person. From our first conversation it was clear we could be totally open and honest with her. During labor she was a calm, uplifting presence. She encouraged me when I was feeling discouraged and made sure both me and my husband were cared for the whole time.”
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