Pregnant person holding belly
I encourage you to reach out and schedule an initial consultation, free of charge and commitment, to help you decide if we are a sure fit in working together during this amazing time. During this session, we can openly interview one another and begin to answer the questions you may have.


  • Two (2) virtual or in-home prenatal meetings. Includes preparation for birth, evidence-based resources, positive affirmations, and comfort measure practice for labor.
  • Mindful inclusion of your birth partner and/or labor support team
  • Available for you as soon as you hire me for phone/email support - an open channel of communication and relationship-building is a priority!


  • On-call 24/7 beginning at 38 weeks
  • Customized, continuous labor support (virtually, at-home, and/or at the birthing location)
  • Will remain by your side for up to two hours in the immediate postpartum period, until you and your family are happily settled


  • One visit within two weeks of your birth to check in on you and baby, help hold space and process the experience, and provide any referrals/resources

  • Package cost: $800